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We have the tools!
                                                                           April 2, 2020

Dear Friends,   

I posted the picture on Facebook. A few minutes later, I
saw a comment on my post that caused me to pause. An
emoji appeared with a hand over a smiley face, suggesting
incredulity. When I looked at my post again, embarrassment
swept over me. I quickly deleted it but the damage had
been done. Keith had seen it.

I’ve learned over the years that when you let your pride
take the lead, you often end up taking a fall. I was all smiles,
like an innocent first grader showing off what he learned on
the first day of school. I guess I wanted to impress the world
with how much I knew. Instead I did the opposite

I was at the fire station for training the week before. During
the exercise, our instructor, Keith, asked us to name and
identify each of the tools on the fire truck. I was unfamiliar
with many of them, but I took some notes and felt pretty

A few days later I saw a firefighter holding a tool on
Facebook. My pride swelled up. “I got this,” I thought. I
reposted and shared it. I identified the tool as a halligan
bar. The problem was that I actually put up a picture of a
FuBar forcible entry tool.

Most people wouldn’t have known the difference. A tool
is a tool. But Keith isn’t most people. He is a firefighter.
He knows the tools because using the right tool, at the
right time, can be the difference between life and death.
So it matters. He let me know in a subtle way with that

Afterwards, I began thinking about the Covid-19 crisis.
We are sheltering-in-place. We have been practicing
social distancing, washing our hands. Yet, every day there
is more bad news. Mornings are my hardest time. I don’t
know about you, but I waver on the edge of feeling helpless.

Then I remember the words of Psalm 121. “I lift my eyes
to the hills - where does my help come from? My help
comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He
will not let your foot slip - he who watches over you will
not slumber; indeed he who watches over Israel will
neither slumber or sleep.”

Like Keith, we have tools too. They can be lifesavers in
these days of trial. We have the Word of God which is a
light for our path. We have prayer which is a lifeline that
keeps us connected to the Lord, our hope and source of
our strength. We have the church, which reminds us that
we are not alone. We are in this together. I pray that you
will use these tools to carry you through the days ahead.
And remember: God is with us.

God Bless. Be safe. We are the church!
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