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We Have Been Adopted Into God’s Family

                                                                              July 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

It was a beautiful moment. I was glad that I was there to see it. Family
and friends had gathered at the Juvenile Court for the proceedings. Little
Asher was all smiles. I'm not sure if he understood the significance of
the moment but he certainly was enjoying it.

We all stood as the judge entered the room. For the next few minutes
the court officials answered questions to insure that all the legal requirements
were taken care of.  I looked around the room and love was bursting out
all over. It was quite evident that the judge felt it too.

With a smile on her face she addressed the courtroom. She looked down
at my niece and nephew and said, "I hope little Asher realizes just how
fortunate he is. Not everyone get a chance to be surrounded by a loving
family like yours." Then she thanked them.

She stopped just short of saying, "God bless you." I added that as I said
a prayer following the proceedings. My niece and nephew are pretty amazing
and they have embraced Asher with a love that is so deep and all consuming.
It's a love as wonderful as God's love for us.

The words of Paul's letter to the Ephesians came to mind as I drove away
from the celebration. In chapter one he says that before the world was
created, God already loved us so much that he decided that he was going
to adopt us into his family. Imagine that!

God wants us to be a part of his family. The world can be a tough and cruel
place. Yet God has offered us a home where we can receive all the blessings
of his love and grace. He provides a space for us to grow and be nurtured
so that we can live up to our potential.

Feeling a bit abandoned today? I want to invite you to come home. God
loves you. He wants you to know his joy. If you aren't attending worship
on a regular basis, find a church near you where you can experience what
it mans to be part of the family. You will be blessed!

God bless! See you in church.

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