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Tuning in to the Easter Story  

Dear friends,

I really don't know if more is better.  As I was flipping through the pages of my
Entertainment Weekly magazine it dawned on me that my knowledge of what is on
television has taken a big "Mother May I?" step backwards.

The weekly magazine featured stories on Dr. Who, The Arrow, Community, Castle
and Revolution.  I have heard of them but never watched a minute of any of them.
There were short stories on Mad Men, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time
and Nashville.  Again, the names are familiar but don't ask me what station they
are on or the day of the week they appear.

There were ads promoting three brand new series, Hannibal, How to Live with Your
Parents and Orphan Black, which were set to premier next month.  An April
Premier?  When did that begin?  I remember when the new television line-ups were
rolled out every September.  I must be getting old.

The new normal takes some getting used to.  If you grew up in the era when there
were only three major networks you knew the hit programs and could sing their
theme songs.  Today the landscape is changing so fast that it makes your head spin.

Variety is great.  It means there is something for everyone.  Yet there is something
to be said for simplicity.  I think that is why I love the Easter story.  It never
changes.  It is like watching reruns of the Brady Bunch or MASH.  You know
everything about it and it has become a part of you life and who you are.

When Christ went to the cross God was telling us that he would not let anything
separate us from his love.  On that first Good Friday God proved he was willing to
go to extraordinary lengths to forgive our sin.  He gave his life to pay the price for
our stubbornness and pride and made reconciliation possible.  It is our story now.

This week we will celebrate God's victory and the love that made it possible as we
gather for worship on Easter morning.  I hope you will tune in.  No need to grab the
remote or go channel surfing.  You can experience the story first hand at a local
church near you.

God bless!  Happy Easter.  See you in church. Cal