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The Perfect Pitch                                           August 20, 2014

Dear friends,

There is something magical about standing on the infield grass of a baseball
stadium.  Al Kaline, one of my all time favorite players, recounted the first time he
walked up the tunnel and emerged onto the field at Tiger Stadium.  He said it was
like walking into an emerald cathedral.

I get that feeling every time I go to a game.  This week I participated in a
ceremony recognizing the Rotary Clubs of District 7950 at McCoy Stadium in
Pawtucket, RI.  Our District Governor, Valerie Perry, threw out the ceremonial
first pitch.  Several hundred of us were there for it.

Valerie was nervous.  I could relate.  All eyes are on you and you want to give it
your best shot.  Your worst fear is that someone might record your effort and have
it go down as one of the top ten worst first pitches of all time.  Just ask 50 Cent,
Carly Rae Jepson and Mariah Carey about it.

Rapper 50 Cent made his pitch in front of the Mets fans earlier this year.  He
nearly took out a camera man with his toss.  He said he was nervous and it just
slipped out of his hand.  I've been there.  Twice!  Not many people get a second
chance.  I did and I am 0 -2 with first pitches.

I had the spotlight and wilted under the pressure of the moment.  It was
embarrassing.  All you can do is move on.  The good news is that if you live with
grace in your life, that grace will come back to you at your most vulnerable

Jesus said, "The measure you use to judge will be the measure used to judge
you."  I think he was suggesting that when we reach out to those who have
stumbled and help them up instead of pushing them down, that blessing comes
back to us.

The world around us is filled with critics.  We are called to be different.  The Lord
called us to be his ambassadors bringing his light and love to those we meet.  Even
as he came to us in our most forgettable moments, he sends us out to do the same
for others.  Let that be your pitch and it will be a strike every time.

God bless!  See you in church.