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Stand Tall for God

                                                                                            July 26, 2017
Dear Friends,

I have a confession to make before I begin this week's column. I'm sold
out for Jesus. My lens for looking at the world is colored by my faith.
Every image I capture in my brain has Jesus standing somewhere along the
periphery. That is, if he isn't there on center stage.

I'm reminded of a preacher who always began his story time with the children
with a question. One week he asked, "What's gray, has a furry tail and eats
nuts?" One little boy replied, "It sounds like a squirrel but I know you are
going to say Jesus. You always do!"

With that in mind you might be able to understand why I was so excited to
witness the raising of the new steeple at St. Michael's Church in Pawcatuck.
You could feel the joy in the air. People held their breath as the steeple was
raised and set in place. Then we clapped.

Tradition holds that church steeples have had different functions. In years
past, the church often sat in the center of town. The steeple would rise above
other buildings. With its clear lines, visible from all around, it would point
to heaven and direct our eyes upward to God.

Steeples often housed bells and clocks. The height insured that clanging bells
would send out a clear call for people to pause and worship the Lord. That
was true for me for the nine years I lived within walking distance of Park
Church in Norwich. I loved the carillon bells.

Whether we feel lost in the crowds of New York City or Los Angeles or we're
living in a small town in Southern New England, I've often felt that the sight
of a church steeple is a reminder that God is always near. It stands out as a
symbol that God is with us.

An even better reminder of God's love, grace and the hope of the Gospel is
people like you and me living out our faith. You know that old saying?
"Here's the church. Here's the steeple. Open the doors and here's the people.
" So stand tall in your faith.

The best way to point people to God today is to be the church. They will
know that God is near when they see us turn our lives around, start living
victoriously, and begin serving the lost, the weak, the forgotten. So let's get
out there and ring the bell for God in all we do.

God bless! See you in church.  
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