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No Need to Audition for Jesus                                      May 8, 2013

Dear friends,

Imagine if you had to try out for your current job every year. I'm not talking about
an evaluation. Suppose you had to go through the interview process again. You
walk into a room and you see several new candidates who are there looking to take
your job. In order to keep your position, you would have to be the best of the best
that year.

That's what Ashley Gray had to do to be named to the 2013 New York Jets Flight
Crew Cheer-leading Squad. When word came that she made this year's team, her
family and friends were very excited for her. It didn't matter that she has been a
member of the team for the last four years. What was exciting was the fact that she
had passed the test again and was able to continue doing what she loves to do.

When I heard that Ashley had to try out, I couldn't help but wonder what would
happen if I had to do that here at church? What would happen if I had to go up
against a few others in a "preach off" event every summer? Would the
congregation bring me back? I have heard of others in ministry who face a vote of
confidence every year at their annual meeting. That's one way to keep you on your
toes. (Please don't get any ideas friends!)

The last time I had to try out for anything I was in high school. In my junior year I
went out for the varsity soccer team. I had a pretty good sophomore year and a few
of my friends said I was a sure bet to make it. Too bad they weren't making the
decision. When Coach John McKiernan made his cuts, I wasn't among those
chosen to move up.

That's when a crazy thought hit me. We don't have to audition for the Lord's team.
He calls us. The call comes no matter where we've been or what we've done. He
helps us turn our lives around. He gives us what we need when we need it. If we
listen to him we can overcome any challenges that come our way. The best news of
all is that once you make Jesus' team, the tryouts are over and you belong to him

God bless. See you in church. Cal