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Building Special Memories                                                March 7, 2013

Dear friends,

I stopped at Dairy Queen the other day and I couldn't help but think of my friend,
Paul. A couple times a year we get together to catch up on old times. We chose
Dairy Queen for two reasons. First, it was conveniently located right across from
the church. He'd call and I would run right over.

The second reason was because the very first year we were looking for a place to
meet, the Children's Miracle Network, the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program
and Dairy Queen came together with a promotion that donated $1 from every
Blizzard sold to the Connecticut Children's Hospital. Imagine that! You could do
something to help others by simply eating ice cream.

We have met at Dairy Queen ever since. We order a blizzard too. It has become
our spot even if we are not supporting a cause. Now we just sit and try to solve all
the world's problems. We talk about life and pray for one another. It has been
several months since we met last and I was thinking I owed him I call as I enjoyed
my Reese's peanut butter cup mini.

It is funny how we associate certain places and events with people. Our brain likes
to make these connections. It helps fill out an association or build a memory.
Whenever I think of Misquamicut I think of my friend Rick. A smile comes to my
face as memories flood back of those trips we took to the beach with his older

The same thing is true at church. Whenever I talk to some of our older members,
they share stories of the people and the events that changed their lives. For some it
was a summer at church camp and the time they spent with that special councilor.
For others it was George cooking up the turkey for a Mother-Daughter Banquet or
a special children's program where John had all the kids taking part. They talk
about remembering Elsie in the kitchen or Mervin's Sunday School class in the

With every story and every place there is a person at the center of that memory.
The truth is that God uses people like you and me to touch other people's lives with
blessings. We are the memory builders of tomorrow. If you are wondering what
your calling is, simply look around. God has sent you to share His love with
someone who needs it.

I pray that during this Lenten season you will claim your calling and reach out to
someone in love. Sit and listen to their story. Do something. Pray with them. Invite
them to join you at church. In doing so you just might be part of someones special
memory. That is something to celebrate. I think I'm going to call Paul and make an
appointment at the DQ.

God bless. See you in church. Cal.