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You Have Got to Dance                               May 29, 2012

Dear friends,

Something happened as I stood there in the wings. The butterflies in my stomach
suddenly took flight. A big smile spread across my face. As the spotlight came
across the stage my adrenaline kicked in. The music counted out the beat and
suddenly it was show time.

For the next two minutes, I joined eleven other dads on stage in a special number to
close out the first half of Luis Pabon's spring dance recital at the Garde Arts
Center. It was an amazing experience and so much fun. The crowd was cheering
and the house was rocking.

It has been said "There's no business like show business." The hit Broadway song
goes on to say, " Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow.
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow!"

I am a ham. I admit it. I love the stage. Yet the truth is that up until that moment
when I stepped out in front of the lights, I was a bundle of nerves. I am not a
dancer. I have two left feet. I have been told that I look like a car wash machine in
motion when I start moving to the beat.

Yet something happened when the twelve of us came on stage. Although some were
better than others, together we were much stronger than if any of us had stepped
out to dance on our own. We didn't suddenly become modern versions of Gene
Kelly and Fred Astaire but we did become a body in motion. Together we were very

As I left the theater that afternoon, it struck me that this is why God created the
church. He calls us together so that we can compliment each other and work as a
unit to accomplish his will. Using our different gifts and skills we can do far more
than any one person can do alone. As a body we can do great things and glorify
God in all that we do.

So next time you are caught out in the cold and feel like a turkey that is about to
fold, remember you are not alone. You are part of a body of believers that God has
called to take the stage to share his love and the hope of salvation. So break a leg.
Get out there and dance. We will be right behind you.

God bless. See you in church. Cal