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You Can’t Hide It

  November 9, 2016
Dear Friends,

"Maybe you should change your shirt," she said. I looked down.  I didn't
know what she meant. I had put on a lightweight tee shirt for the weekly
weigh in.  When I realized what she was talking about, I was embarrassed.

I had a big picture of a bowl of ice cream on my chest and I had just shared
that ice cream was my Achilles heel at the Weight Watchers meeting.  It didn't
matter that it was from the WARM Shelter's Super Bowl last year.  I was guilty.

I tried to explain but she just laughed.  She said, "That's why we are here.  
We all are battling something.  Sometimes it shows.  Sometimes it doesn't.  
You just wear yours on your shirt."  I have to confess that I usually hide it
better than that.

I got to thinking about some other things that I have struggled with.  For
years I tried to hide the fact that I smoked cigarettes.  I'd sneak one when
no one was looking.  Twenty seven years ago I quit but I'll never forget the
day I got caught.

I was visiting a friend.  When he took my coat, he sniffed it and said to me,
"I'm just going to set this here.  I don't want that cigarette smoke smelling
up my closet." I said, "It's that obvious?"  He just smiled and said, "It reeks!"

The truth is that you can't hide sin.  It's effects creep out in ways that we are
not even aware of.  Our friends see it.  So does God.  The good news is that
we have a God who loves us enough to help us overcome our sin and find
new hope.

John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that
whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life."  Our Lord
gives us a second chance, a chance to begin again.  

So don't try to hide it.  If you have something you are struggling with, seen
or unseen, give it to Jesus and he will set you free.

God bless.  See you in church.

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