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You Are a Classic in God's Collection                May 1, 2013

Dear friends,

What kind of car are you? I'm not asking what kind of car you drive. I want to know
what car brings out the real you. For me it was my first car. At 16 I bought a 1965
Ford Mustang two door hardtop for $150. I loved that car. It was young and sporty
and fun to drive with its three speed stick shift.

My second car was even better. It truly was a dream car. My dad sold me his 1969
candy apple red Mach One Mustang. It had a 351 cubic inch engine. It had a black
hood, racing stripes and a spoiler on the back. It was a hot car that added three
degrees of cool to me by just sitting behind the wheel.

I have not reached that level of sophistication since but I have to admit that I tried.
The most recent attempt to recapture the magic occurred when I bought my last car
in 2010. As I looked over the selection of vehicles on the lot, my heart leaped for
joy as I spotted a red Corolla S. It was my favorite color and it had a moon roof and
a spoiler on the back. The price was right and I grabbed it.   

I knew I was not fooling anyone. A Corolla is still a Corolla. The spoiler didn't
make that car into something it wasn't. It didn't simply become a Corvette or a
Camaro because of an added accessory. It's like the old saying, "you can put
lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig."

It struck me that we don't only do this with our cars. A lot of us try to be something
we are not. We imitate others and think that by wearing certain designer clothes, or
living in a certain neighborhood that the whole world will think more highly of us.
We want people to like us.

It happens in the church too. We do a lot of things because we have this feeling that
we ought to do it and if we don't people will be talking. We go to worship, read the
Scriptures and attend small groups and Bible studies. There is nothing wrong with
these activities in themselves. They are vehicles that will help us draw closer to
God. Yet if we are only doing them for outward appearances, they won't do
anything for us.

You see God looks at the heart. He created us and he gave each of us unique
qualities which make us special in our own right. He simply calls us to be the very
best that we can be. God knows I am not a Cadillac and thankfully, I don't have to
be one to gain God's approval. I just have to be the very best honest and faithful
me that I can be. That goes for you too. So quit trying to impress everyone else and
be the precious child of God that you were meant to be.

God bless. See you in church. Cal