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Wishing and Hoping is Just the Beginning        November 26, 2014

Dear friends,

I'd know that laugh anywhere.  When my daughter told me we were sitting
next to her old math teacher from Norwich Free Academy, Ken Lamothe,
I didn't have to guess where we were going.  I heard him before I saw him.

I first met Ken through the Chelsea Players.  He was looking for props for
a show he was working on.  He needed Detroit Tiger paraphernalia and he
heard I had the goods.

On Sunday we were at the World Premier of the new movie, Wishin' and
Hopin', based upon Wally Lamb's book by the same title.  Most of the
filming was done here in Eastern Connecticut and the Garde was hosting
the event.

As Ken and I chatted, he mentioned that he had a bit part in the movie.  
They hired several locals to be in the production.  We joked about how easy
it was to blink and miss yourself on the screen.  Well I had no idea that I
was in the presence of a "star."

Ken never let on that he had such a big part.  When he popped up on the
screen as the bus driver taking the kids to see Ranger Andy, the whole
theater came alive with laughter and applause.  It was a special moment.

Ever so humble, Ken played it down.  Maybe he didn't realize just how big
a role he had.  That is how most of us look at those fleeting roles we play
in our interactions with the people we meet.  We don't know how much
people appreciate what we do.

Over the years I have discovered that God uses ordinary people like you
and me to do the work of his kingdom.  If we let him, he gives us small roles
to play that have lasting significance.  Whether it is an encouraging word or
sympathetic ear, when we let God direct our steps, wonderful things happen.

So stop wishin' and hopin'.  Ask God to use you.  Then see what happens.  
You just might end up with a starring role in the story of somebody's life.  
Don't believe me?  Just ask Ken.

God bless!  See you in church.