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Who Needs Tony Soprano When We Have You?         June 26, 2013

Dear friends,

I am probably the only person in America who has never seen an episode of The
Sopranos. Yet when I heard that James Gandolfini died last week I was shocked. I
knew who he was. At Age 51 he had established himself as an American Icon much
like Marlon Brando and Lucille Ball. Everyone knows Tony Soprano and he died
much too young.

It is interesting to sit back and watch the reaction that follows the death of someone
who is rich and famous. The news spreads like wild fire. The bigger the star, the
more people there are to comment on their lives. Social media sites go crazy.
Television specials are created with other celebrity guests talking about the
deceased. Even local newspapers use multiple column inches to tell the life story of
a celebrity.

That's all well and good but the truth is that people die every day. People that you
and I have known and interacted with are often among them. This is not a knock on
Tony Soprano, but people like Marilyn Oat, an educator and principal at Killingly
Memorial, are the real heroes. When she died, it touched the hearts of a whole
community because she gave her life to the kids and the families she served but
there wasn't one word mentioned on twitter or Facebook.

The scriptures tell us to number our days so that we might gain a heart of wisdom.
In other words, enjoy each day and the gifts it has to offer. Celebrate the people
you love and who are a part of your every day experience. Tell them you love them
and hold them close. When you do that you will live with no regrets.

Use each day to make a difference in the world around you. The scriptures tell us
to clothe ourselves in compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and peace. God
sends us out to share good news with the poor, to offer hope for the prisoner, and to
bring healing for the sick. If we do that, we will be a superstar in somebody's book.

Ask God to show you where you can use your energy to make positive changes in
your community. Reach out and encourage those who need a helping hand. Make
your days count so that when all is said and done, your life will be the story that is
written upon the hearts of the people you know rather than a story in the obituaries.

God bless. See you in church. Cal