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Who Is Cultivating Your Garden?

                                                                                   September 21, 2016

Dear Friends,

She said it a half dozen times.  I have to admit that I tried to ignore her.  It wasn't working though.  
She just kept repeating it.  She was looking for me to respond and I tried to bury my head in the
sand, or to be more accurate, in the bushes.

Our new home is perfect in almost every way.  The layout suits our needs.  It's a half mile from the
church.  It has some very appealing amenities like an open kitchen, a master bedroom on the first
floor, central air conditioning and gas heat.

Lori was concerned about the landscaping.  The previous owners had done a great job.  Trees,
shrubs, and flowers were carefully placed along the road and beside the house.  It must have been
beautiful when they designed it.

That was then and this is now.  It was fairly obvious as we moved in this summer that work needed
to be done.  Everything was overgrown.  Hence my reluctance to acknowledge it.  I can't tell the
difference between a weed and a plant.  I know.  It's sad.

Fortunately someone at church heard Lori's prayers.  A group volunteered to come by to do some
work.  In the process I got an education.  So many of the greens that I thought were plants actually
turned out to be weeds.  By day's end they were gone.

The truth is that the weeds had overcome the garden.  They were robbing it of the fertile soil and
golden sunshine it needed to thrive and succeed.  By the time my friends had finished, the whole
yard seemed to come to life.  It was beautiful.

The same thing happens when we let sin creep into our lives.  It starts small.  Before long it takes
over.  It is accepted as normal.  We lose our perspective on what is right and wrong.  Passion and
dreams soon die, as they are strangled by the thorns and thickets of deception.

Is your life a mess?  The good news is that God is the master gardener.  If you invite Him in, God
will uproot the sin and cultivate grace your life.  He will send showers of blessing, and praise God,
his joy and peace will blossom anew.

God bless.  See you in church.  

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