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Who Are You Riding With?                    February  26, 2014

Dear friends,

I was dreading the ride when I began commuting to Westerly three years ago.
After all, I could almost walk to work for the last twenty six years.  It didn't take
long before I realized that I didn't have to make that drive alone.

Jimmy and Shelley came along with me most mornings.  They got me laughing and
put me in a great mood to start the day.  I made the trip home with Delilah.  She is
so compassionate and I love to hear the stories she shares.

Some mornings I picked up Boomer and Carton.  They can be pretty outrageous
but I love it when they talk sports.  Recently I have been getting the inside scoop
into politics from my good friend, Lee Elci.  Well, maybe I am stretching a bit there
but we are friends on Facebook.

When I turn on the radio I suddenly feel like I am not alone.  I actually look
forward to the drive with my friends.  Every day there is something new to talk
about and they take my mind off the drive.

As I was thinking about this on my commute this morning the old bumper sticker,
“Jesus is my co-pilot,” came to mind.  It is great to know that our Lord is always
with us in our travels.

Yet I think it is fair to say that Jesus wants to be more than our co-pilot.  He wants
to direct our steps.  He actually invites us to ride along with him.  He wants to lead
us to places where we can bring healing and grace to those who are hurting.

I've been riding with him for most of my life.  I can tell you I have never regretted
it and I've been blessed.  So if you are looking at the road ahead and wondering if
you will ever get there, move over, invite Jesus to take the wheel, and get ready
for the ride of a lifetime.

God bless. See you in church. Cal