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We Have a God Who Meets Us Where We Are    December 24, 2013

Dear friends,

A lot of people have given up making resolutions for the New Year.  Not me.  I
always look forward to the opportunity to start over.  New Year’s Day brings with
it a sense that we can put the past behind us and begin again.  Each January comes
to us like a brand new season.

Of course I am an optimist.  Many of you know that I am a lifetime member of
Weight Watchers.  I made my goal back in 1994 and have been trying to get back
to it ever since.  Every January I show up again at the meetings only to drop out
by the time summer rolls around.  Yet that doesn't disqualify me for trying.  Every
year is another opportunity for me.

So this year I am especially excited. Weight Watchers was looking for a new
location in Westerly and they chose our church as their meeting site.  They will be
up and running as we greet the new year.  Maybe this is my reward for perpetual
effort.  This is the year that I am going to take that weight off and keep it off
because I no longer have any excuses.  I don’t have to go looking for a meeting
any more.  Weight Watchers has come to me.

It’s funny but the same thing is true of our Lord.  After years of searching for him,
of trying to follow him, of sacrifices and rituals aimed to bring us closer to him,
God chose to come to us.  That’s what our celebration is all about at Christmas.  It
is a reminder that we have a God who doesn't sit in the clouds and wait for us to
move.  He always takes the first step and meets us where we are.

Do you remember the story of Elijah?  I was always struck by the fact that when
Elijah was worn out and ready to give up, God came to him twice.  First he
ministered to him in the wilderness.  Then he came to him on the mountain and
encouraged him through the still small voice.  That has been my experience with
God too.  So don't be surprised if God comes to you as you enter the New Year.
That's what God does.

Happy New Year!  See you in church or better yet, I will see you wherever God
meets you in the New Year.  

God bless.