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We Have A God Who Delivers

                                                                                                            March 8, 2017
Dear Friends,

Last weekend a group of us from church went to see "The Shack," the new movie based
on W. Paul Young's best-selling book.  I knew the movie would elicit some questions so
I invited everyone back to the house afterwards.

It was Sunday night.  The show finished up just after six o'clock so Lori and I decided
to order pizza for everyone.  Everyone started arriving and we put out some chips,
crackers, fruits and veggies.  Fifteen later minutes the food arrived.

Lori met the driver at the door and said, "Just bring it into the kitchen."  Without
missing a beat, the driver walked in and headed around the corner with the pizzas.
One friend said, "He seems to know his way around here."

Another friend recognized the driver as the owner of the pizza restaurant.  He said
to me, "Wow! How do you rate having the boss deliver your order?"  I smiled and said,
"It's all in who you know!"

The truth is that if you live anywhere for any length of time you get to know people.
Over time you build up relationships. Those relationships become friendships. Sometimes
you get to know the boss and that has perks.

It is like what happens with our faith.  Once you start spending time with God, in Bible
study, in prayer and worship, your relationship deepens.  Before you know it, God
shows up wherever you go.  He is no longer a stranger at your house.

As you walk through Lent, make it a point to spend a little more time with Jesus. Get to
know him up close and personal.  When it comes to the important stuff in life, you can
count on him to show up.  Take it from me: he always delivers.

God bless. See you in church.

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