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Time Well Spent                                    December 31, 2014

Dear friends,

It was surreal.  It started as a joke.  We were standing on a crowded platform
of the Wall Street subway station in New York City when I noticed a man that
looked vaguely familiar.  I poked my one of daughters and said, "Look!
There's Wally Lamb."

All three girls looked.  They went on to assure me it wasn't him.  Yet he did
share a passing resemblance to the famous author. I looked his way again
and for a second our eyes met.

What happened next caught me by surprise.  He began to move toward us
as if he recognized me.  That was impossible.  As the train approached he
got right behind us and I shielded the girls and stood between him and them.

We squeezed in and as the train left the station he was standing right
beside me.  I wanted to ignore him but there was something about him.
In the next ten minutes I learned he was a 9/11 survivor.  He was there
on that terrible day.

As he began to unload and share the horror of that day, I began to feel
as if I was meant to be there for him at that moment.  As the train came
to a stop, he said, "Thanks for listening," and then he turned and got
off the train.  I watched him walk away.

"What just happened here?" I asked myself.  It was almost as if we had
a divine appointment on that subway.  God had brought us together so
an old man could share his burden and get it off his chest and so I could be
thankful for the thins I often take for granted.

I am always amazed at the way God works.  He sets up these little
meetings so that he can minister to us through one another.  He comes
as one that looks vaguely familiar, so that he can lift our burden and
send us off refreshed.

I pray that you will be blessed in the New Year and that you will
recognize God when he shows up unannounced.  It will be time well spent.

God bless!  See you in church.