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There is a Star Next to Your Name     June 12, 2013

Dear friends,

I think I would faint if I walked into Mel's Downtown Creamery and saw Taylor
Swift ordering ice cream. You don't expect to see celebrities inhabiting the same
places you do. So when Taylor was seen shopping in Westerly, RI and walking
through the downtown, people took notice.  

Everyone who met her said the same thing. She was very polite. She was sweet.
There was nothing about her that screamed, "I am a seven time Grammy winner
and deserve special attention." She was just like you and me.

There is something about celebrity that sets people apart and makes them appear
differently. Last week I stopped into Wendy's for lunch. I pulled up alongside a van
that sported the WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness news logo. I didn't think much of it
until I sat down with my sandwich.

I looked across the dining room and immediately spotted Kevin Hogan, a regular
contributor to Channel 3 news. I almost fell off my seat. After the first flutter of
hero worship passed, I realized that even though he is on television every day he
really isn't much different than you and me. I have met him a few times over the
years and he is a good guy.  

If you have ever watched late night television you quickly realize that most stars
are actually pretty normal people. It is us who put them on a pedestal and worship
them. We are the ones who make them larger than life and create the gap between

It struck me that we do the same thing with individuals we read about in the Bible.
Instead of being encouraged by reading about their struggles and doubts and the
way they overcome them, we tend to think of King David, Esther, Moses and Elijah
as being heroes of the faith. We begin thinking that their celebrity make them
different from us.

The truth is that God recorded their stories in the scriptures as examples of what
God can do with ordinary people. He turns a shepherd into a king. He raises up a
slave to be a deliverer for a nation. Time after time God takes people like you and
me and puts us in a position to change the world.

The truth is that for God you are a celebrity just waiting to happen. All you have to
do is answer is call. So don't sell yourself short. In God's eyes you and Taylor Swift
are two of a kind. You are both rising stars. I will try to remind you next time we
meet, if I don't fall over when I see you at a local hotspot.

God bless. See you in church. Cal