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The Unexpected Gift of Waiting in Line

                                                           January 10, 2018
Dear Friends,

He was all smiles and slapping everyone five as he stood there, first in
line.  "Woo hoo.  I love this Fast Pass!" he said to his family.  If you
didn't know better you might think you were looking at someone who
had just won the lottery.  Really.  He was that happy.

We had been waiting in line for over thirty minutes when we saw him.  
He just walked up and hopped on the ride.  We waited another fifteen
minutes before we got our turn.  We couldn't complain.  It was perfectly
legitimate.  That's how the Disney Fast Pass works.

Lori and I used it three times each day.  We breezed through what would
have been long waits on several of the more popular rides.  We loved it.  
Two hour wait for the Kilimanjaro Safari?  Not with a Fast Pass.  An
hour and a half for Space Mountain?  Not for us.

The only problem was that you could only use it three times a day.  So
we still had to wait in some lines.  It wasn't so bad though.  The waiting
gave Lori and I the opportunity to talk about things. It was nice.  Our
lives are so busy that we don't get to do that very often.

Few of us take the time to sit and talk the way people used to.  The front
porch has lost its place as a rally point for people to socialize with their
neighbors.  We are so busy that even gathering around the supper table
is a rarity in many homes.  We are always on the go.

So waiting in line together became an unexpected gift.  We were on
vacation, after all.  We weren't going anywhere.  We had no deadlines
to meet or schedules to keep.  It was just the two of us.  Looking back
I can honestly say that it was nice to simply be in the moment.

A passage I often use when I am conducting a funeral service comes out
of Psalm 90.  The Psalm talks about the eternal realm of God and the
fleeting nature of humanity.  In verse 12 the author says, "Teach us to
number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom."

Too many of us live life trying to cash in the Fast Pass.  It may seem good
at the time but as a result we miss the simple pleasures of being with the
ones we love.  Maybe this year we can resolve to slow down and number
our days so that we can see each one for the gift it is.

God bless!  See you in church.  

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