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The Courage to Face the Truth

November 30, 2016
Dear Friends,

Was it a coincidence or was it spot marketing?  I turned on my computer and
an ad popped up for Men's Wearhouse.  They were featuring suits for "portly"
individuals at 60% off in a Cyber Monday sale!  I couldn't believe it.

I laughed and showed it to my secretary. I didn't know if this was just a lucky
guess on their part or if I should be offended.  I know that the internet is keeping
track of what we buy.  Did they really know me?  This was almost too much.

Yet, I have to confess that they had me pegged.  Most of us don't like to see
ourselves the way we are.  We use euphemisms to describe our faults.  Even
the word "portly" is just a nice way of saying - "You're overweight!"

I'll never forget the day a man at the church came up to me at coffee hour
and said, "You know what your problem is?  You have metabolic syndrome."
I thanked him and then went home to look it up.

Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that contribute
to heart disease and other health problems.  A large waistline is the major indicator!
So, I guess I do have a problem.  It shows and there is no polite way to say it.

The truth is that we don't do ourselves any favors when we whitewash our flaws
and conceal our sin.  We simply hinder our ability to deal directly with the issue
and turn things around.  Why not use this season of Advent to name our sins and
confess them to God?

This is the season of hope and expectation. It is a time where miracles happen.
I pray that it will be a season of renewal for you.  May you find the courage to
meet life's challenges with the joyful news that Jesus Christ was born!

God bless!  See you in church.

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