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The Bible is God’s GPS for Navigating Life’s Journey

  April 25, 2018
Dear Friends,

You've got to love the GPS. I was heading up to First Baptist Worcester
for a seminar. It had been years since I had been to the church.  I plugged
in the address and set off for a one hour and twenty-two minute drive.

I didn't get very far before a warning flashed on my phone.  The Waze GPS
application noted that there was a pothole ahead.  I had to laugh as I looked
more closely at it.  It said "Warning. Pothole ahead - 63 miles."

For the next hour I buzzed along listening to tunes on the radio without
any problems.  Then my GPS squawked at me again.  It reminded me of
that pothole on the horizon as I approached the outer limits of the city.

It had to be a big deal for the GPS to be concerned about it.  So I slowed
down and waited to see this monster pothole.  Guess what?  It never appeared.  
Instead the road was marked with several smaller ones.

It felt a bit like running an obstacle course.  Because the traffic was heavy,
we were going slow enough to avoid the bigger ones.  Being forewarned
certainly helped a great deal . I was prepared to handle the situation.

As I pulled off the highway I thought about the fact that the road of life is
filled with potholes. They threaten to deflate us or send us spiraling out of
control. They often come out of nowhere and show up as a surprise.

Fortunately we have a GPS for that. It's God's Positioning System. It's
called the Bible. It gives us a roadmap for navigating life's little surprises.
It offers guidance in handling the rough spots. It warns us of the pitfalls.

The best thing about the Bible is that it reminds us that if we need help
God is only a prayer away. He sees the road ahead and he has already
mapped out a course if we are willing to follow his lead. So why risk it?

Put your trust in God and enjoy the ride.

God Bless! See you in church.


(P.S. Remember the church is wherever God's people serve the Lord.)
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