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Taking Care of the Dribbles                                   June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

Dear friends,

There is a little ice cream shop just around the corner from the Goodspeed
Opera House in East Haddam. We were there to see a show for my
birthday. Since we were early, we decided to take advantage of the shop's

As we stood in line I noticed that they offered three different types of cones
along with a great variety of ice cream flavors. Lori likes the waffle cone. I
prefer the sugar cone but usually choose the regular cone so I can at least
pretend that I am being calorie conscious.

When it came time to order I ordered my two scoop peanut butter fudge
brownie ice cream, not in a cone, but in a cup. It had nothing to do with the
number of weight watcher points. I simply didn't want to risk having a
chunk of ice cream dribble down my shirt.

As Lori and I walked back across the street to the theater I mentioned to
her the reason why I got the cup. As I started to laugh, she looked at me
and said, "Like the one you have right now?"  I looked down and couldn't
believe it. I was wearing the ice cream.

The truth is that no matter how hard we try, we are all going to end up
being stained by life. Whether it is our own fault through the choices we
make, or by the serendipitous events that come tumbling into our lives, no
one leaves this life without being sullied a bit.

The good news is that those stains don't have to stop us from enjoying the
life God wants us to have. The scriptures tell us that nothing can separate
us from the love of God. Nothing we have done, no event in our past, no
choice we have made will ever do that if we trust God.

So instead of worrying about a little stain, turn to the original stain remover.
Ask Christ into your heart and let him wash away your sins. Then "Cheer"
up. The "Tide" will turn. "All" will be well. He will "Wisk" you away to a
new "ERA."

God Bless! See you in church.