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Sow Your Seeds                                July 23, 2014

Dear friends,

Every spring my dad would plant a huge garden.  He would till the soil, plant the
seeds and faithfully water the ground every day.  For days on end it did not seem
like much was happening.  A sprout of green would appear here and there but the
fruit was slow to come.

I thought of that the other day.  I was frustrated with the pace of something that
was happening in my life.I wanted it to happen now.  I realized that I don't have
much patience.  Of course that is par for the world today.

We live in a time when instant and on-demand are descriptions that come before
nearly every thing we own or do.  We take digital pictures which we can enjoyed
immediately.  We download movies and books to use right away.  We just don't
like to wait.

The same is true when it comes to sharing the good news.  We want to see others
come to know the love of God that we know.  Yet we get disappointed when our
invitations are turned down and our friends and loved ones go in a different

We need to rekindle the idea of patience in our lives.  We need to look at things
from God's perspective and see the big picture.  Jesus often used the illustration
of the sower or the farmer in his teachings.  It was intentional.  It was a reminder
that some things take time.

If my dad had given up on his garden after a few days we would never have
enjoyed the bounty of produce that came from his efforts.  Because he knew that
good things take time, we enjoyed the benefits of what he planted.  I can still taste
that cucumber right off the vine.

We are called to sow the seeds of God's love and grace.  We may not see the
harvest any time soon but God promises that if we are faithful he will make our
patience pay off.  After all, he is "the Lord of the Harvest."  Let's do our part and
trust him to do what he does best.

God bless! See you in church.  Cal