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Something to Whet Your Appetite          March 21, 2013

Dear friends,

I chuckled to myself as I put the last piece of string cheese in my mouth the other
night. My daughters loved it as they were growing up. It was one of their favorite
snacks. I never understood it. Yet, here I was, ten years later, in the kitchen,
gobbling down the last one in the pack. I felt like I was reverting back to childhood.

I ate things as a kid that I wouldn't dream of eating today. I loved liver and onions.
The thought of it now turns my stomach. We had Spam once a week. I look at the
can of Spam now and wonder how I ever got it down. I could eat hot dogs by the
pound back then and I can't even stand to look at them now.

The truth is that our tastes change in just about everything as we go through life.
The length of our hair, the style of our clothing, the type of music we prefer shifts
as we get older. I am not sure if it is our life experience, the evolving culture we
live in or something within us that makes this happen. All I know is that when I see
a guy my age wearing bell bottoms and a silk shirt I scratch my head and wonder
what I was thinking.

So it isn't surprising that so many young people leave the church when they come of
age. They want music that speaks to them, messages that relate to what they are
experiencing and a community that understands their needs. The church needs to
take this seriously. We may need to do some things in new ways to reach the next
generation. Yet we also need to realize that it is the message, not the medium, that
is most important.

On Palm Sunday Jesus came into Jerusalem with a message that resonated with
people and transcended time. He came with a message that touched their hearts
and spoke to their deepest yearnings. He told them that God had not forgotten
them. He spoke of love and  forgiveness, redemption and new life and offered them
a relationship that would bless them now and in the future.

People today need to hear this message. It is cross cultural and transcends time.  It
is kind of like peanut butter and jelly. You never outgrow it and it tastes as good
today as it did yesterday. The love of God is real and it is ours to share. I want to
encourage you to invite a friend to church next week. Easter is here and the
message is fresh and clean. Invite them to come and taste anew what God has to

God bless. See you in church.  Cal