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Slow Down and Enjoy the Journey

November 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

We were cruising along Interstate 80 in Nebraska at 75 miles an hour.  My
friend Ray nudged me.  He pointed and said "look at that!”  I looked to
my right and wasn't sure what I was seeing at first.  It looked like an old
barn but it appeared to be much more than that.

What caught Ray's eye was a line of classic cars sitting side by side behind
large plate glass windows.  I looked at him and said, "We have to check
it out!  Take the next exit." He looked at me and said, "Do we have the
time?"  I laughed.  "We will make the time."

As we drove down the dusty, dirt road that ran parallel to the highway,
the image of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz came to mind.  I was feeling
the unbridled enthusiasm that they always display on their A & E
television show, American Pickers.

The faded sign at the end of the long driveway read, Chevyland USA.  
The place looked deserted.  Then we saw a face looking out the window
back at us.  Here, in the middle of nowhere, we were about to treated
to a real gift.

We went in and took a trip back through time.  There were over 100
cars dating back to the early days of the 20th century tucked away in
this old barn.  We walked though the exhibit like kids in a candy factory.  
To think we almost missed it because we were in a hurry.

As we drove away it struck me that life has become so busy that it’s easy
to overlook these special moments that God dots along the pathway of
our lives.  We are so focused on getting somewhere or doing something
that we fail to enjoy the gifts along the way.

I encourage you to not let that happen during Advent this year.  Enjoy
the days between now and Christmas.  Don't get so focused on getting
things done that you miss the special moments God wants you to have.  
Take time to look around.  The journey itself is a gift.

God bless. See you in church.  

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