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Show Me the Way Home
July 12, 2017
Dear Friends,

I began to panic as I got a little ways from the hotel.  The concierge said
it was just a five minute walk to the bridge.  "Follow the footpath and it
will lead you to the other side," he said.  "Then head north and follow
the river a couple of blocks.  You will see it before long."

The directions sounded good the night before. With an early morning train
to catch and a bevy of unsavory looking characters in front of me, I was
no longer sure that I could trust what I had been told. I looked at my watch
and realized I didn't have much room for error.

Then I saw him. He had just pulled up in a car with the big Tri Met - MAX
logo on the side. I figured that someone who worked with public transportation
would know how to get to Union Station. So I approached him and asked
if there was a footbridge across the river.

Guess what he said? "Just hop on the Red Line heading west. It will take
you right to the station." I walked away realizing he didn't answer my
question. He pointed me to the light rail. I laughed. What did I expect?
He was going to get my $2.50 fare. That was his job!

The Good News is that I arrived at Union Station in Seattle in just minutes.
I had plenty of time to spare. I avoided all the pitfalls and snares along
the way. As I thought about it, the price didn't seem so steep after all for
the peace of mind I received. I was blessed.

Then it struck me. I was asking the wrong question as I set out that morning.
I wanted to avoid paying a price to get to my destination. There is a saying,
"there's no such thing as a free lunch." The truth is that there is a cost for
everything. It is just hidden sometimes.

The time, the uncertainty, the chance of getting lost were all part of the price
I hadn't factored into my decision making. As a result, I ended up worrying
needlessly. I paid a price. It just didn't come out of my pocket. Too often we
do the same in following Christ.

We want the quick and easy route. We want to skip worship and avoid the
commitment of belonging to a church. Yet the truth is that there is no
substitute for being a part of a church family. There is a cost. It means giving
up a little independence in order to share the road.

The truth is that I wouldn't trade it for any price. Walking with Jesus gives
us strength for the journey, joy for the day, hope for tomorrow and new life
forevermore. So if you ask me, I'm going to point you to Jesus. What else
would you expect? It's what I know to be true.

God bless. See you in church.  

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