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Shake It Off                                       August 27, 2014

Dear friends,

I admit it. I like Taylor Swift. Her songs have a very real quality about them. I think
they reflect a part of life that many of us, even old guys like me, have known. She
touches on the emotions we experience in our relationships.

She is known as a Country star but last week she released a new music video. It
featured a song from her soon to be released "pop" album 1989. The song is titled
"Shake it Off!" She sings, dances and has a lot of fun.

It is a good song with a catchy beat. Someone said it is her answer to those people who
criticize her music, style and just about everything else under the sun. While so many of
her contemporaries walk on the wild side, she has maintained that clean cut wholesome

No sooner had she released her video than a rapper named Earl Sweatshirt criticized it.
He admitted that he hadn't seen it but he said he didn't like it anyway. I went to iTunes
and watched the video. Earl said it was "inherently offensive and ultimately harmful." I
read that and laughed. It looked like any other music video out there today. Maybe Earl
is just jealous.

The truth is that the world is full of "Earls." You are going to meet people who will hate
you just because you call yourself a believer. They are going to make a lot of
assumptions and judge you according to some stereotype they have in their mind.

I think Taylor has some good advice for us. If we are being faithful to God then we need
to turn around and shake it off. The only opinion that matters is God's. When you meet
an Earl, shake 'em off and keep on praising God and giving Him the glory.

God bless! See you in church.