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Serving the One Who Knows Your Name                 March 12, 2014

Dear friends,

Everybody needs a Norm in their life.  Do you remember the lovable lush in the
television sitcom, Cheers?  Whenever he entered the bar, where everybody knew
your name, the crowd would shout, "Norm!"

Norm was the kind of person who brightened your day.  He would always have a
quip or a one liner that made you smile.  He always helped you see things from a
different perspective when you brought your problems to him.

You don't actually have to be named Norman to be this person but one of my
"Norms" is Norm B.  Several years ago Norm contacted me after reading the
weekly column and shared a wonderful story.  It made my day.

It seems whenever I need a lift, I open my e-mail and up pops a message from
Norm.  He only sends them every so often but they always come at the right time
and make me smile.

Have you ever thought about the fact that you may be somebody's "Norm?" God
uses people like us to reach out and bless others.  We may not even realize that
He is doing it.  It simply comes as a still small voice nudging us to act.

The apostle Paul wrote that we are the body of Christ.  So it makes sense that
when God wants to send a blessing out to someone he would use a person like you
and me, someone with a willing heart, hands and feet.

Anyone can be a Norm.  No special skills or training are required.  All you need to
do is ask God to use you.  Then listen for the voice.  Look for a need and do
something.  For in doing so, you might just be an answer to someone's prayer and
a reminder that God knows their name too.

God bless! See you in church. Cal