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Seeing All Things Anew                          April 3, 2013

Dear friends,

It was Good Friday and I was standing there at the fifth station of the cross. As the
story of Christ's passion was being told, I happened to look out over the park. That
is when I saw one of the signature trees. It was absolutely gorgeous. With it's wide
trunk, and outstretched branches, it seemed to be inviting us to come and enjoy its

I confess that for the next few minutes I became enthralled with my surroundings
and did not hear the words of the speaker. It was as if I had fallen down the rabbit
hole with Alice and landed in Wonderland. I noticed things that I had never seen

I have Allen Peck to thank for that. It was his talk to the Rotary Club that came
rushing back to me as I stood there in the midst of this amazing arboretum. You
might think this was my first visit to Wilcox Park from the way I am talking. It
wasn't. I have been there many times.

I have walked the paths to get exercise, visited for Summer Pops, the Virtual Art
Fair, and Shakespeare in the Park. Yet as I continued on with the Way of the
Cross, the park itself became a part of that sacred journey.

That is how it happens isn't it? There are certain things that we experience in life
that change us. A chance encounter, an unexpected gift, a revealing conversation
can open our eyes to new truths that we were unaware of moments before.

For many of us it is the words we heard on Easter Sunday that change the way we
view the world. "He has risen!" means that Jesus is no longer an historical figure
from the Bible. He is alive and part of our every day journey.

He is present with us in our time of sorrow. He is there to rejoice with us in our
victories. He brings us strength in the midst of our trials. He offers us
encouragement and friendship as we walk through life. So praise God! Our eyes
have been opened and life just got that much better because He lives!

God bless! See you in church. Cal