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Rev Your Engines

May 2, 2018
Dear Friends,

It was Cruise Night at Hank's Dairy Bar in Plainfield. I was pretty excited.
I decided to take my Mustang GT up for the show.  I was like a kid in a
candy shop. I've always loved cars.

There was a beautiful marina blue 1966 Chevy II/ Nova with a 383 stroker
and a supercharger. It was in pristine condition. The owner was talking but
his words went right over my head.

He was telling us about the added boost going through the supercharger.  
It increased the horsepower of the stock motor. Now it lifts the front
tires right off the ground when he's racing.

He changed gears and began talking about the modifications he'd made.
He said something about different valve sizes and other internal engine
components that were needed to satisfy the severe demands put on the
engine by the supercharger.

As we walked away, one of my friends looked at me and said, "You
didn't understand a word he said, did you?" I began to laugh. "No, but
I could tell he was excited and it's all good."

I could identify with his enthusiasm.  When you love something you want
to tell the world about it. That's true of our faith too. The problem is that
many of us feel as unqualified to talk about Jesus as we do the working
of an internal combustion engine.

The good news is that we don't need to know how it all works in order to
share our love of Christ. We simply need to tell our story. Just like every
car is unique, every story is different.

The common denominator is God's love for us. It is the engine that drives
our faith. It is oil that lubricates the love and forgiveness that leads to
new life and the joy that is ours in Christ. So lift your hood. Rev your
engine. Let your faith show!

God Bless! See you in church.


(P.S. Remember the church is wherever God's people serve the Lord.)
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