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Recognising the Light of Your Life             July 2, 2014

Dear friends,

He was everywhere.  The bridesmaids were getting ready to snap a "selfie" and
he squeezed in to be in the picture.  A group of the guys were arm and arm singing
"Sweet Caroline."  He comes racing in, jumps right in the middle of everything
and begins singing his heart out.

The first time I noticed him was when he came up to tell me how much everyone
appreciated the service.  He spoke as if he was a member of the family.  Then I
saw him in the photo booth with a silly hat and big glasses mugging for the camera.

Everyone seemed to welcome him.  Nobody seemed to know him.  Yet that didn't
stop him from jumping into the family picture.  He was right there with grandma,
the uncles and aunts, and all the grandchildren.  He had the biggest grin of all.

He was the life of the party but no one knew his name.  I watched him for a while.
Every one he talked to ended up with a smile on their face.  When he left they
waved and you could see that he had made a connection.  The day was made better
because he was there.  

It made think of another wedding guest from a day gone by.  He showed up when
the wine was running low and he saved the party.   He was always doing that.
When Jesus showed up things began to get exciting.  People flocked to him and he
welcomed one and all.

The good news is that Jesus still does that.  When our cup is empty, he fills it to
overflowing.  When we find ourselves on the outside looking in, he grabs our hand
and brings us along.  When Jesus shows up we become the main attraction.

Jesus made his life all about us.  I think that is the part we often forget.  It's not
about what we can do for Jesus.  It is all about what he has done for us.  He gave
his life so that we could spend the rest of ours with him.  Praise God for that!

So next time you see him, make sure you thank him.  Then tag along and watch as
Jesus turns the darkness to light, frowns into smiles and injects hope and joy into
every heart.

God bless! See you in church.