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No Need to Stress With God               June 19, 2013

Dear friends,

It was beautiful outside. Too bad I couldn't enjoy it. I was spending the afternoon at
the doctor's office having a stress test. When I mentioned having the test to a
friend of mine he asked if I had hosted an overnight lock- in with a group of
teenagers at the church. I laughed. That can be stressful but this test was given by
my cardiologist.

The technician injected a small bit of radioactive dye into my bloodstream and then
took some pictures of my heart. The test will allow them to view my heart so the
doctor can look for blockages or irregularities. Every time I have a test like this I
am amazed at how far technology has come in the last fifty years.

I am reminded of a scene in the original Star Trek series. The crew was
transported back in time to our era and Dr. McCoy is called upon to treat a patient.
He says "These people were barbaric! They used to cut people open to see what
was wrong with them."

With advanced blood tests, digital imaging, arthroscopic and robotic surgery, we
are not a long way off from being able to diagnose and treat patients without
invasive surgery today. We are moving into the future quite rapidly. What we
considered science fiction only a few short years ago is becoming the norm.

Psalm 139 came to mind as I was driving home. In it King David ponders the
omniscience of God. He suggests that God knows us intimately. He knows what we
are thinking and what we are going to say even before we say it. God knows our
plans and is acquainted with everything about us, the good and the bad.

It can be scary to think that God knows all about us. We all have our warts. We all
have those skeletons and dark secrets that we try to hide. We are afraid of what
our friends would think, never mind what a holy God would do with that knowledge.
Yet David suggests that because God is who God is, he is not afraid.

The good news is that God already knows our secrets. We don't have to hide
anymore. That's why Jesus came. He came to pay the price for our sin. When we
come to him and confess our weaknesses, faults and sins, he wipes them away and
gives us a clean bill of health. We can really start living again. Praise God for the
new life that comes in Christ.

God bless. See you in church.  Cal