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Make the Most of Your Todays                     September 4, 2013

Dear friends,

It was a gift that many people don't get.  My mom died a year ago this week and I
got to spend four days with her just days before it happened.  She battled cancer for
eight years.  Along the way she surprised all of her doctors.  They wrote her off and
didn't give her much hope.  Yet she never gave up.  She kept trusting Jesus.

I didn't know it was the last time I was going to see her when I left to come home
last August.  She looked good and we had a great time.  She had an itinerary for my
visit: places to see, things to do.  We also had a chance to talk about life, family,
church and God.  As I said, it was a gift.

Less than a week and half later I got the call that she was gone.  We all knew it was
coming.  We just didn't expect it so soon.  My mom had bounced back from one
health challenge after another.  She had her good days and her bad days.  She
never complained.  She told me her faith gave her strength and she was going to
live until she died.

She did just that.  She lived every day.  The Apostle Paul, in the book of Ephesians,
gives us similar advice.  He says, "Be very careful, then,  how you live - not as
unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity..."

We only have a certain number of days on this earth.  Earlier in that same letter,
Paul says to "be imitators of Christ and to live lives of love."  If only we could all
live like that!  If you and I lived life filled with a passion to share God's love with all
we meet, the world would be a better place.

As I thought of my mom today, I asked myself "What is stopping you from living
like that?"  We don't have to wait until someone tells us we are dying.  We can
claim that life today.  We can live lives of love right now.  In doing so, we can know
the gift of peace and joy that my mom had in her last days.

So ask God to fill your heart with his love so that your joy may be made complete
and all those around you may know his blessing.

God bless. See you in church.  Cal