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Look in the Manger

                                                                                           December 14, 2016
Dear Friends,

Call me a collector if you will.  Just look around my office and you will see sports
bobble heads, Presidential Pez dispensers, baseball hats, jerseys and signed baseballs.  
I am a Detroit Tiger fan and it shows.

You will see a huge Tiger, stuffed teddy bears, some cabbage patch dolls (dressed in
Tiger uniforms,) and a number of framed photos.  I even have toys for the kids to play
with.  My favorite is Woody from Toy Story.

I love going into my office.  It is a fun space.  Yet, I have to admit that sometimes,
especially during the busy seasons, things tend to pile up.  Most of the time I can tell
you right where everything is.

There are times though when it gets tough.  I was looking for a disk of photos I needed
for a project.  I couldn't find it.  It was buried.  Totally frustrated, I decided that after
Christmas I am going to clean my office.

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of every day life.  I think it is especially true during
the Christmas season.  We run from one store to the next and rush from one party to
another. We can forget why we are doing it.

The Charlie Brown Christmas special captures this reality perfectly.  It reflects all of
this craziness and all the demands we feel.  Upset and discouraged, Charlie Brown asks
why we even bother.

It is at that moment that Linus steps up and shares the story of the birth of Christ.  He
puts it all in perspective.  He says to look in the manger "That's what Christmas is all
about Charlie Brown!"

So if you are feeling a little frazzled, slow down.  Turn on some Christmas music.  Grab
some eggnog.  Sit down by the fireplace if you have one and open up the Scriptures and
read the story of Jesus' birth.

God bless!  See you in church.

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