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Look for the Sign                                         October 1, 2014

Dear friends,

It was gross.  That’s all I can say.  I went down to the hotel exercise room to do my
morning workout.  As I hopped on the treadmill I noticed huge sweat stains on the
control board and all over the machine.  The last person to use it had left it a
complete mess.

It was a beautiful morning so I decided to take a walk outside.
I don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place. I guess that over the years I
have become accustomed to walking on the treadmill to get my exercise.

I started down the street and passed several hotels, restaurants and businesses.  
The road narrowed as I turned the corner.  I considered turning back but decided
to forge ahead.  I had plenty of time.  The trees, the bright blue skies and the
feeling of Indian summer made me think of John Denver’s song, “Take Me Home
Country Roads.”

That’s when I saw the sign.  It pointed to a trail that darted down the bank to the
right.  As if speaking to an invisible guide, I said out loud, “Why not?  Let’s check
out the Buffalo Lake Wildlife Habitat.”  As I took to the trail memories of hiking
through the woods as a teenager came flooding back to me.

That’s when the thought hit me.  “When did I stop doing things like
this?”  Somewhere along the way I got lost and began walking through life
with blinders on.  As a result I was missing those serendipitous moments
that God wanted to share with me.

Sometimes it takes something nasty to get us to break out of our routines.  God
uses these moments to wake us up.  So the next time your plans
are thwarted, don't get mad.  Look up and you just might catch God winking
at you.  Then take a walk with God to see what you have been missing.  You just
might find yourself again.

God bless. See you in church.