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Listen for the Voice of the One Who Sets the Stage      December 11, 2013

Dear friends,

As I stood there ready to go on stage, Joe was speaking softly into his microphone
giving directions to the sound and lighting technicians.  I heard him say, "Ralph
and Santa are about to enter stage left."  The curtain was drawn back and we were

Later it struck me that I never really thought much about what stage managers do.
Props suddenly appear in place.  Lights come on and microphones go live.  Magic
happens between each scene and sets are changed in the blink of an eye. It is the
kind of stuff that is easy to take for granted.

Although he didn't get to take a bow,  Joe, the stage manager, was at the center of
it all.  He was the director's right hand man.  He was the one who helped make the
director's vision become a reality on the stage.  He also helped us to look pretty
good too.

As I thought about the way Joe worked quietly behind the scenes, I couldn't help
but think of the Christmas story.   It is beautiful.  Everything seems to fall into
place for that holy night.  The couple arrives in Bethlehem.  A virgin gives birth.  A
savior is born and he was wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Yet we know that all along the way things happened, choices were made,
opportunities were taken so that Mary and Joseph would be in the right place at
the right time so that the scriptures could be fulfilled.

God has a stage manager too.  The Holy Spirit is always working behind the
scenes opening doors, putting props along the way and inviting us to follow the
script that God has laid out for our lives.  Those nudges and  inspirations we
receive are God's way of directing our steps so that his will can be done in and
through our lives.

So the next time you hear that still, small voice preparing the stage for your
arrival, give thanks to God and let his glory shine through you.   Now get out there
and share the good news!  

God bless!  See you in church.  Cal.