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You Need to Listen to Your Dog

une 27, 2018

Dear Friends,

There is nothing better than coming home to a happy dog.  Our dog,
Brie, greets you at the door. She is so enthusiastic that you can
almost see a smile on her face and hear her say, "Welcome Home!"

Every part of her body moves in joyful anticipation of a happy reunion.
Her tail whips back and forth with such vigor as her way to tell us she
loves us. Some would call it unbridled enthusiasm.

Brie is also an excellent watch dog. She can tell if anyone is
approaching the house from a mile away. Her ears perk up and she
goes barking and running to the door until we tell her it's okay.

I don't think she'd ever hurt anyone. So I was surprised at what I
saw when the mailman visited us the other day. He had a large
orange index card. It had our house number. It read, "Mean Dog!"

The truth is that the only time he ever sees Brie is when he is
standing at the door with the mail. That's when she is in "attack
and protect" mode. It got me thinking about how others see us.

As people of faith, we think of ourselves as being tolerant and
lovable. We sees ourselves as people who care. We are ready
to help those in need. For the most part, I'd say that it is true.

Yet, too often we become known for what we are against. Others
see us as angry and mean spirited. We bark at things we don't like.
We may think that we are protecting all that is sacred. In the end all
we are doing is turning people away from God's doorstep.

So to send the right message, maybe we need to follow Jesus' example.
He was the embodiment of righteousness. Yet, people were drawn
to him. I think it's because people knew he cared.

When people know that you care, they will be more willing to listen to
what you have to say. It's like a wagging tail. It tells everyone that
you have a loving heart. That's a good starting point. So we need to
bark less, wag more and let our love show.

God bless! See you in church.  

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