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Like Throwing a Horseshoe                      August 13, 2014

Dear friends,

I couldn't believe my eyes. The woman had just thrown two ringers in a row. It
looked so easy. As I looked up and down the row of competitors, I noticed that
nearly every throw came within inches of the mark. I had never seen anything like

I was at the Lebanon Fair on Sunday when I happened on the tournament. They
were going at it fast and furious. I've played horse shoes now and again, but the
ringers I have seen were more luck than anything else. The folks at the fair really
knew what they were doing.

Back in 2003 I met a man in cardiac rehab at the Backus Hospital who was a
professional player. Even though he was retired, he still ran tournaments on the
east coast. We chatted and he offered to teach me a few tricks of the trade. I wish
I had taken him up on it.

We've been playing at church this summer and I stink. I understand that part of it
is a God given talent, like with any sport, but there is also a degree of proficiency
that can be learned. You can get better if you learn the technique and practice,
practice, practice.

The same is true with living the life of faith. Some people seem to have an easier
time of it. That's because they have spent time with others who loved the Lord.
They worship together, read the Bible and then practice what they have learned.

The Apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians is a great place to begin. Paul talks
about humility and living a life worthy of Christ. You may struggle at first but you
will get better with practice. So get out there and practice what you preach. Your
faith will grow and before long you will be hitting the mark with regularity.

God bless! See you in church.