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Dear friends,

It must have been quite a sight. Standing on second base, Gates Brown, the former
Detroit Tiger player, was covered in mustard, ketchup and dirt. Legend has it that
the prolific pinch hitter was eating a hot dog at the time he was called on to enter
the game.

Gates was so excited that his moment had arrived that he grabbed a bat and stuck
his hot dog, condiments and all, inside his uniform. He sliced a hit into the gap,
raced around first and darted for second and finished up with a headfirst slide.

Stories like this surfaced this week as news of Gates' passing was shared. Gates
was never an every day player for the Tigers. Yet no one would ever say that he
wasn't a valuable member of the team.

He was called up to the Tigers in June of 1963. For thirteen years he played the
game with the enthusiasm of a child. In 1968 Gates batted .450 as a pinch hitter and
was a major contributor to their World Series Championship. He just loved being
part of the team.

The truth is that each of us is a valuable member of God's team. We may not be
superstars, but like Gates, we have gifts and talents that can be used for the glory
of God. God loves it when we respond with enthusiasm to that call.

I will never forget the day I met a custodian in the restroom of the Hillsong Church
in Sydney, Australia. He was humming a praise song when I walked in. I chuckled
to myself and then asked him how he could be so cheerful while cleaning the

He looked at me and smiled. He said, "Sir, I'm not just cleaning the rest room. I am
a part of this ministry. I am not just cleaning toilets. I am doing it for the Lord!" I
pray that you and I may have that kind of enthusiasm as we come to realize that all
we do, we can do for the Lord!"

God bless. See you in church. Cal