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         March 15, 2017
Dear Friends,

Was it worth it?  That was the question I was debating on Monday
afternoon.  If I kept the movie, I was going to have to pay another
$2.14 to Red Box.  With a pending blizzard on the horizon, it could
double if I didn't get it back the next day.

So who cares about a few dollars?  I guess I do. I kept asking myself
if it was worth another night's rental just to watch the last ten minutes
of the movie.  How much was ten minutes worth?  Did it really matter
if I saw the end in the grand scheme of life?

After all that, I decided to keep the movie another night and pay the
extra.  I wanted to see how things turned out. Former Ohio congressman
and motivational speaker, Les Brown, once said, "Life is too short and
unpredictable to play it safe."

I was watching the latest Bourne movie and I simply asked, "What
would Jason do?"  I am not a secret agent. Yet it hit me that we only
live life once.  A lot of us miss out on things because we are too busy
counting the cost and aren't willing to pay the price.

God has blessed us. We have a life filled with opportunities. God
invites us to use our lives to share the Good news of his redeeming
love and everlasting covenant.  He sends us out as his ambassadors
to bring his story out into the world. It's amazing.

Some people look at the cost and decide to play it safe. That's what
the rich young ruler did in Matthew 19. The Bible says he looked at
the cost of following Jesus and walked away sorrowful.  He decided
he didn't need to know the end of the story.

We know the end of the story. The Bible tells us that following Christ
will be worth the price we pay because we will be repaid one hundred
fold. (Matt 19:29).  Let alone the fact that the adventure of walking
with Jesus will transform our lives.

So as we move deeper into Lent, instead of counting the costs, let's
make it a point to join Jesus in the greatest adventure of all.  Let's
make time to share the story of his love.  We will be blessed and it
won't cost us a thing.  He's already paid the price.

God bless!  See you in church.

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