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It Seems Like Just Yesterday                                       March 26, 2014

Dear friends,

My youngest daughter, Rachel, turned twenty years old this week.  I remember
the day she was born like it was yesterday.  It began early in the morning as we
rushed to the hospital.  Within a few hours we were holding her in our arms.

I took my turn feeding the baby and changing diapers.  I even had a special song
that I sang to her.  It went like this: "Who is the prettiest baby I know?  Who is
the prettiest one?  Who is the prettiest?  Who is the prettiest?  Who is the
prettiest one?

We have had plenty of special moments over the years.  There was the sixth grade
field trip to New York, being on stage together in the plays Annie Get Your Gun
and Joseph, traveling to Germany for the International Tap Dance competition
and plenty of dinners on the road to dance class and other activities.

I am so proud of her, as I am of her two sisters. They have all grown up into
amazing young women.  I think the toughest part of parenting is figuring out how to
let them go knowing that you can't protect them from everything.

Classical theology suggests that it is the same dilemma God faced when he
created us.  Like a proud father, God was there the day we were born.  He
watched us grow up and allowed us to choose our own path in life.  We call it free
will.  He could have made us totally dependent on him.  Instead he set us free with
the hope that we'd return to him.

God gave us a gift to help us on our journey.  The Bible reveals God's love for us.
It is like a love song that was written for you and me.  It lifts up God's hope for us
and reveals the pathway to joy, peace and blessing.  Yet when all is said and done,
the choice to follow his advice and to embrace him is all ours.

As a parent, I can tell you this: The greatest gift we can give God is to love and
honor him.  As we move through the season of Lent, let me suggest that you pay
him a visit.  Head to worship this week and tell your heavenly Father you love him.
That will make his heart glad and you will be blessed.

God bless! See you in church.  Cal