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Help is On The Way                                 March 19, 2014

Dear friends,

My friend was getting aggravated.  As he was lifting up the bucket of cement to
the men on the scaffolding above him, two teen-age boys came alongside him,
grabbed his elbows and pushed upwards.  Bucket after bucket, they just kept doing
it.  He told them it was "OK" but they were back to help with every bucket.

It was our fourth day in Mexicali, Mexico as part of a short term mission team.
Curt had come on this trip to serve others, not to be helped by them.  So he balked
at the boys' goodwill gesture.  The more they did it, the more frustrated he became.

As Curt shared the story with us the next morning he said he was insulted at first.
"Did they think I couldn't do it by myself?" he asked.  " I am a grown man and if I
wanted help I would have asked for it."  That's when God opened his eyes to see
the big picture.

So many of us like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient.  We don't want to be
dependent on anyone else.  Like two-year old children we exclaim "I can do it
myself!"  Yet God sees us and knows what we need even if we are too stubborn to
realize it.

My friend's story reminded me what happened in Israel's battle with the
Amalekites in the book of Exodus.  The battle went well as long as Moses raised
the staff of God. Moses got tired though.  His arms grew weary.  So Aaron and
Hur sat Moses down on a rock and each of them came next to him and supported
his arms until the battle had been won.

Curt eventually realized that those two boys were sent to help him get through the
day.  That is when his protests stopped and he began giving thanks to God.  You
see that is what God does.  He sends help when we need it, not when we ask for it.

So next time you find yourself struggling under the weight of a heavy load, look
around and see who God has sent.  If you have been shrugging them off, stop and
let them in so God can help you make it through.

God bless! See you in church.