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He Will Give You the Victory                   November 7, 2013

Dear friends,

I thought to myself that this must be the view they get from heaven.  I looked down
from section 314 and I could see the whole field.  My friend, Tiffani, warned me
that the seats were going to be in the "nose bleed" section but I didn't care.  I was
at my very first pro football game.  My Pittsburgh Steelers were playing.  I was just
glad to be in the house.

I watched the players come onto the field and I immediately understood why the
numbers on the back of their jerseys were so big.   Big Ben's number 7 stood right
out.  You could see him no matter where he went.  With 68,000 screaming fans, and
no commentator telling you what is happening, you have to be able to figure it out
on your own.

As I sat there watching the game it struck me that it is a lot easier to second guess
the players and coaches when you can see the whole field.   You don't have to worry
about being blind sided by a linebacker you never saw coming.  Your view is never
blocked by a gigantic defensive end who has his hands in your face.

I guess that is why there are so many Monday morning quarterbacks who can tell
you what the team should have done. The spectators are watching the game from
the comfort of their couch or from a seat above the field.  With replays and a little
distance, you can see the game more clearly.  It is so much easier to make good
decisions when you can see the big picture.

I think that is why God calls on us to turn to him when we need guidance or
direction.  He sees things from above.  When challenges come and it seems like we
have nowhere to go, he can show us the way.

There is a great choral anthem written by Pepper Choplin that says, "Sometimes I
worry and wish I could see what lies ahead, what the future will be. But God calls
me on to follow in faith, and He’ll take tomorrow if I give Him today.  I don’t know
the future and all that’s in store, So I’ll take one step, one step, to follow my Lord."

It is too late for the Steelers.  They got beat badly by the Patriots. It is not too late
for you and me.  So whatever your situation, call on God so he can give you some
help from above. Then the victory will be yours.

God bless. See you in Church. Cal