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He Makes All Things New

August 16, 2017
Dear Friends,

"Sixty five dollars," he said.  I cringed when I heard it.  I knew that it
was going to be costly.  Then he added, "The new ones are even more
expensive.  You could pay as much as two hundred dollars to repair
the latest model."  I smiled back at him and said, "thank you."

I looked down at my i-phone again.  The cracks ran across the top and
down through the upper third of the screen.  I could still use the phone
but now the image was forevermore distorted.  It was like looking at
the world through a fractured mirror.

I had been so careful with my phone.  I bought a hard case.  I carried it
with care.  I never left it on the edge of a table or someplace where it
could get dropped.  For two and a half years I never had any problems.
Then I got careless.  I started taking it out of the case.

I could give you a hundred reasons why I did it. None sound very
convincing now. All it took was a slight distraction. The next thing
I knew my phone was laying upside down on the ground. My heart
sank as I realized what I had just done. I had made a mess of things.

The truth is that life happens. No matter how careful we are, many of
us find ourselves broken simply by living and engaging the world. The
Bible tells us that it is the result of sin. Whether it is our own sin or the
sin of others, we all are touched and affected by it.

As a result we see the world through a fractured lens. What appears to
be good is often not. Our hope is never fully realized. Motives are at
times impure and those who seem to be our friends will often turn
against us. The truth is often hidden by the cracks that mar or vision.

The good news is that, in Christ, God tells us that our vision can be
restored. Jesus paid the price for new life when he went to the cross.
He has given us a new lens to see the world through. He reset our
hearts to their original condition. Life becomes a gift to be cherished

So don't despair. Look to the One who makes all things new. Everything
can be as it was. Praise God for He is good.

God bless See you in church.  Cal
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