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Grab Your Moment in the Spotlight

              November 1, 2017
Dear Friends,

He got two scenes!  Can you imagine getting a walk on part in a movie and
ending up in TWO different scenes?  That's a double bonus.  As a movie
buff and closet thespian, I wanted to know more.  Did he know someone?  
Was he that good in the first scene?

We were talking about the movie, Marshall, which depicts a pivotal period
in the life of the late Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall.  Rebecca
knew I'd be interested.  She said, "It is a great movie. My friend's father is
in it and he plays a man in a synagogue."

I thought about it.  It was a nondescript part but it gave him 30 seconds in
the limelight. My daughter went on, "Dad, you could have played that part."
She was right.  I could have done that.  Yet whenever I've had an opportunity,
I've always stopped short of going for it.

The same was true with mission work.  I've always looked at our missionaries
as heroes of the faith. They put their beliefs on the line. They serve God
wherever there is a need. Yet, the idea of ever heading out to do mission work
has caused me to pause. Who am I?

I never thought I had what it took. What difference could I make?  I confess
that for nearly twenty years I just put it out of my mind.  Then in 2006 it all
changed.  A good friend encouraged me to join him.  That's when I went on
my first short-term mission trip.

I've been on a dozen of these mission encounters since then and I'm looking
forward to the next one in April 2018. A bunch of us, from several different
churches in the area, will be heading to Houston. Our goal is to help the folks
rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.

I know we will be playing a small role. The job is enormous. Yet it is going
to take lots of "extras,' people like you and me, to wrap up the job in Texas
and in places like Florida and Puerto Rico. Let me know if you want to
come along. There is room for a few more.

Can't get away? Don't let that be your excuse.  There is plenty of work to
be done right here.  Volunteer for Habitat.  Cook up a meal for WARM.  
Join them at St. Vincent DePaul or Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  You
may think it is a bit part, but to God and the people you help, you may
end up being a star in an otherwise dark night.  Don't wait. Just do it!

God bless!  See you in church.

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