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Grab Your Hat

       July 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

I grabbed my cowboy hat as I was getting ready to lead the Bible
adventure at our Shipwrecked Vacation Bible School this week.
It gave me a good excuse to wear it.  You see, I don't have that
many opportunities to wear a big hat.  As I put it on and looked
in the mirror, I had to chuckle.  It brought back an old memory.

I was fifteen years old.  I had been working at Squire's Egg Farm in
Colchester for about six months.  I showed up after school every
day to pick eggs.  I had done so well that I was offered a promotion.  
It paid fifty cents more an hour and it meant working with the boss.  
I showed up and he said, "Where's your hat?"

The question threw me for a loop.  "Why do I need a hat?" I asked.  
He pointed at the chicken cages and said, "To keep the droppings
off your head!"  That's when the light bulb went on and I suddenly
realized that maybe this promotion was not as glamorous as I had
envisioned.  I lasted one day on that job.

Years later I marveled at the fact that Mr. Squire didn't hesitate to
get down there and do the dirty work.  He was the boss.  He could
have left it to the hired help.  Instead he led by example. He knew
every aspect of the job and he was willing to do whatever needed
to be done.  I learned a valuable lesson from him.

The truth is that we see the same thing in God.  He didn't leave the
job of cleaning up our sin to a hired hand.  He took it all on himself.  
That's the message of the cross . They spat on him and cursed his name.  
The Scriptures tell us that he took our place and paid the price to spare
us from our sin.

When all was said and done Jesus offered us a promotion.  He called us
to work alongside him to share the message of God's love with the world.  
Of course he warned us that we were going to face challenges.  Life isn't
easy.  Sometimes it feels as if we are nothing more than a target for an
angry chicken.

The good news is that we aren't alone.  Jesus promised us that if we follow
him, he will be there beside us.  He will walk with us hand in hand and even
lead the way when needed.  So grab your hat!  We've got a job to do.  The
people around us need to know that God loves them.  We've been called
to make sure they know.

God bless!  See you in church!

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