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You Can Be God's Wagon                    October 9, 2013

Dear friends,

I think I was more excited to see it than the kids were. The Little Tikes Explorer
Wagon was strategically placed next to the Christmas tree and hard to miss. That
was over twenty years ago. It has long since paid for itself in both good memories
and usefulness.

The girls have grown up but we still have the wagon. They no longer use it to give
the dog a ride. I thought of that this morning as I used the wagon to haul 40 pound
bags of wood pellets around the back of our house to the basement steps.

I chuckled as I wondered if the manufacturers ever considered that an adult would
use their "toy" like a wheelbarrow. I have made use of that wagon over and over
again. It has carried mulch, tree clippings, leaves and all kinds of things over the
years. I didn't throw it away, I gave it new life.

It struck me that this is exactly what God does with us. We may have been called to
do something specific when we were younger, but he doesn't cast us off as we age.
He finds new things for us to do. A case in point was a wise old pastor named
Eugene Bronson.

I'll never forget the day I met Rev. Bronson. He was well into his eighties. He was
crippled up with arthritis and could barely get around. We chatted as we sat by the
window watching the birds eat at a feeder. He spoke about life, his family and his
ministry over the years.

I knew how active he had been. I asked him if it was hard knowing he couldn't do
ministry anymore. He looked at me and held up a piece of paper. Then he said,
"Oh, I keep busy. Three times a day I pray for the people on this list. That's my job

He winked at me and said, "As a matter of fact, I prayed for you this morning."
That's the day I realized that God doesn't discard people as they get older. He
simply gives us a new purpose. Sometimes, like with my wagon, it is to carry things
to the Lord in prayer.

So don't ever think you are too old, to sick, to tired to serve the Lord. Just ask God
and he will find something for you to do so that his glory might still shine through

God bless. See you in church. Cal