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Go Ahead and Sing

March 14, 2018
Dear Friends,

Two songs kept ringing in my head as we approached the end of our journey.
We left Interstate 80 in Nebraska and were making our way into Denver on
Route 76. Our trek had taken us across America's heartland.

As we rounded the corner, the Rocky Mountains came into view with the
sun setting in the west behind them. The sky was painted with hues of red,
purple and orange. It was a gorgeous scene to behold.

If my traveling partner, Ray, had let me, I would have burst out in song.
"Oh, beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple
mountain majesties across the fruited plains." It was amazing.

I was struck by the fact that, the closer we got to the mountains, the larger
they appeared. They were inconsequential when we first noticed them.  Yet,
they filled the horizon as we approached. It was a cool visual effect.

It struck me that the same thing is often true with God. For many, he is
off in the periphery of our lives. We see Him but he seems small and
insignificant. That's why it is easy to question God's ability to do much.

Yet, as we draw closer to God, and get to know the extent of his glory,
we begin to see just how awesome He is. That's what the Swedish poet,
Carl Boberg, captured in his poem as he pondered the nature of God.

As Boberg reflected on what was happening in his life, he thought of
Psalm 8: "How majestic is your name in all the earth!" Then he penned
the words that we know in the beloved hymn, "How Great Thou Art."

Like with the mountains, the closer you get to God, the more time you
spend in his presence, the more you come to see just how wonderful
God is. So go ahead. Get closer. Don't worry if you feel a song coming
on. It's okay to sing. Let it out and tell the world just how great God is!

God bless! See you in church.  

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