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Go Ahead and Dance!

 May 31, 2017
Dear Friends,
How hard can dancing be?  It is easy to critique what someone else is
doing. I remember listening to two of my friends talk about an episode
of Dancing With the Stars.  They picked apart the style and technique
of one of the contestants.  They spoke as if it was easy.

My girls danced at Luis Pabon's dance studio in Taftville for years.  They
made it look easy.  So when Luis offered a class for adults, I jumped right
in.  Like my friends I thought, "How hard can it be?"  Then I got on the
dance floor.  Seeing and doing are two different things.

What I didn't think about was how long it took to develop these skills.  
Even though the kids made it look easy, it came after years of practice.  
Yes, there are those cases where someone wows an audience with their
natural talent but that is the exception rather than the rule.

This all came back to me on Tuesday night as I muddled through our
Zumba class at church.  As our instructor, Laura, was mixing it up in
front of us, my two left feet kept running into each other.  I got mad at
myself because I just couldn't get it.  Then she did the grapevine.

The grapevine is a simple move where you weave to the right and then
back to the left.  It was one of the two moves that I remembered from
that class I took.  I suddenly felt that I could do this.  And I did!  Every
time she transitioned into the grapevine I was flying high.

That's when it hit me.  When life gets hard, you need to break it down
and take one step at a time.  Do what you know how to do.  Create a rhythm
that you are comfortable with.  Start there and then build on it.  Most of all,
don't worry about what other people say.  Just do it.

We have a good teacher in Jesus.  He shows us how to have grace under
pressure.  He models compassion and forgiveness.  He taught us the great
truths of scripture.  He promised to be with us in the wings when we get up
on the stage of life.

My foray into dancing taught me that practice makes perfect. Life can be
hard but don't let it paralyze you and stop you from living it to its fullest.
You have to do the work. Don't make excuses.  Just get out there and dance.
You can do it!

God bless!  See you in church.  

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