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Finding Strength in Our Weaknesses

 March 29, 2017
Dear Friends,

Dr. Dwayne Pickett said something that struck me last month.  He pointed out that he
had a slight limp. His limp was visible but added, "We all have a limp, some form of
brokenness in our lives that no one sees.  But God often uses that brokenness to bring
healing to others."

Our speaker from New Jerusalem Church in Jackson, MS continued, "There is nothing
that happens to you that God doesn't know about.  The things you go through make you
stronger.  Our greatest ministry comes from the place of our greatest weakness."  That's
true for me.

My natural mom died on April 4, 1972.  It was a tragedy. She was 32 years old and a lost
soul.  All she knew was pain and disappointment from the time she was a little girl.  Her
father was an alcoholic.  She had that in common with him.  She said it was in her blood.

She found happiness with my father for a while.  I was born and she poured her heart and
soul into me for the next five years.  I was blessed.  After the birth of my brother, a bout
of post-partum depression followed, and her demons came back to haunt her.

For years I lived with guilt over my mom's death.  I felt that if only I had been a better
child, I could have saved her.  I know it is foolish.  Yet that's the reason I went into
ministry.  In Christ, I found the hope she was looking.  I've shared that gift with others
ever since.

I have a saying: Our God is an expert at turning tragedy into triumph.  When the devil
tries to tear someone or something down and destroy it, God turns it around and brings
a victory.  The greatest example can be found on the cross where Christ was hung to die.

The devil thought he had won.  He had destroyed Jesus, nailed him to a cross and was
ready to claim victory upon his death.  But then on the third day Christ arose and came
back bringing forgiveness, salvation and new life for all who would be believe.

The good news is that God does the same thing in your life and mine.  He can take the
most painful moments and turn them around.  God calls us to minister out of that
weakness.  He doesn't send us out on our own though.  He promises to give us the
strength to do so.

Praise God for his victory.  God bless!  See you in church.

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