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Finding a Second Chance              December 10, 2014

Dear friends,

Don't you wish there was a delete button you could hit every
time you said or did something you regretted afterwards.
Sometimes I look back on the things I have done and wish I
could step back in time and erase them.

Life doesn't work that way.  We have to live going forward.
That means we have to deal with the consequences of our
actions.  Bad decisions will often make life harder and the
things we've said often burn bridges and destroy relationships.

That's why it is good to pay heed to the old adage, "Engage
brain before speaking." Too often we say things before we
have a chance to think about the ramifications of what we
are saying and to whom we are speaking.

I can't tell you how many times I have written a post to
lash out at something I disagreed with on Facebook and
sent it off to cyberspace. It felt good. I wanted to set them
straight. Yet after I sent it I realized that the acerbic tone
of my words didn't help anything.

That's why I love the delete button. I'm human and I make
mistakes. Facebook allows you to go in and edit your post
and take it back. It deletes it. It erases it forever as if you
never sent it. It struck me that this is exactly what Jesus
came to do.

At the heart of the Christmas story we find a loving God
who wants to wipe away sin and eliminate any barrier between
us and him. That's why the angels declared that his birth was
"Good News" and that "a savior was born."

In Christ our sins are forgiven. They are literally deleted in
God's book as if they never happened. The truth is that we
may still need to deal with the consequences of our actions
with each other but in babe of Bethlehem, we find peace
with God.

God bless! See you in church.